Charging stations for electric bikes, electric scooters, and mobile devices with a compressor are innovative devices that offer a range of benefits and features for your community or city.

The main benefits of installing a charging station for electric bikes and mobile devices are:

a) Free listing on Your charging station will be listed for free on, helping customers to easily find and use it.

b) Great branding opportunity: With a charging station on a 2.4 m² area, you get an excellent space to promote your brand.

c) Original charging transformers: We offer original charging transformers according to your requirements, including standard ones like UNI, Bosch, or Shimano, ensuring compatibility with various types of electric bikes.

d) Flexibility in modifications: You can make changes to the charging transformers at any time without the need to purchase a new charging station, thereby increasing flexibility and cost savings.

e) Compatibility with mobile app: Our stations are compatible with a mobile app that pinpoints the exact location of the charging station, making it easier for customers to locate and use.

f) Mobile phone charging: A unique feature of charging mobile phones in a lockable space ensures that customers have a well-charged phone available, even when using map applications.

g) Warranty and post-warranty service: We provide both warranty and post-warranty service, ensuring the reliability and long lifespan of your charging station.

These benefits will not only help increase the attractiveness of your offer to customers but also enhance your brand and contribute to a sustainable and modern infrastructure for your business.

Advantages Over the Competition in 2024

Advantages of Our Charging Station for Electric Bikes Compared to the Competition in 2024:

a) Integrated Charging Cables: Our stations come with integrated cables for Bafang and Bosch motors, eliminating the need for cyclists to carry or search for charging cables. This convenience is actively promoted on, increasing awareness of our product.

b) Phone Charging and Helmet Storage: Our stations allow cyclists and tourists to securely charge their phones and store their helmets, enhancing comfort and safety.

c) Integrated Compressor: Each station is equipped with an integrated compressor, increasing its functionality and usability.

d) Extended Warranty: We offer a long 4-year warranty on the fixed part of the charging station, providing customers with assurance and confidence in the quality of our product.

e) Advertising Space: We provide a large advertising space of approximately 2.4 m², allowing for effective brand promotion and increasing product awareness.

f) Simple Connector Replacement: There is no need to purchase a new charging station when changing connectors. We offer an easy replacement process, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

g) Universal Compatibility: Our stations safely charge all types of electric bikes on the market, increasing their usability and appeal to a wide range of users.

h) High-Quality Materials and Manufacturing: Our stations are made in the Czech Republic from high-quality materials, such as galvanized steel, ensuring durability and a long product lifespan.

i) Certification: We are a fully certified company for delivering charging stations for electric bikes, guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards and safety.

These advantages demonstrate the uniqueness of our charging station and represent a competitive edge in the market in 2024.

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