Charging stations for e-bikes

The only charging station for electric bikes in the Czech Republic and Europe, which can safely charge up to 12 electric bikes at the same time!!!

By installing our charging station for e-bikes and other electronic devices, you gain the following benefits:

  1. Quality Czech Product: Our charging station is not made of cheap plastic but is a high-quality Czech product crafted from galvanized sheet, ensuring durability and longevity.

  2. Simultaneous Charging: Our station can charge up to 12 e-bikes and mobile phones simultaneously, providing convenience for multiple users at once.

  3. EU Compatibility: The charging system is compatible with the entire European Union, ensuring usability across different regions.

  4. Mobile Phone Recharging: The station offers a unique feature of recharging mobile phones in a lockable space, addressing the common issue of phones discharging quickly due to navigation app usage.

  5. Integration with Mapy.cz: Our station is integrated with the Mapy.cz mobile application, making it easy for users to locate the charging station.

  6. Flexibility in Transformer Changes: Transformers can be changed at any time without the need to purchase a new charging station, providing flexibility and cost savings.

  7. Original Charging Transformers: We offer original charging transformers tailored to your requirements, including standard options like UNI, Bosh, or Shimano.

  8. Brand Promotion: With a branding area of 2.4 m2, our charging station offers great visibility and promotion for your brand.

  9. Free Listing on Mapy.cz: We will list your charging station for free on Mapy.cz, increasing its visibility and accessibility to users.

These benefits make our charging station a valuable investment for businesses, communities, and organizations looking to provide convenient and reliable charging solutions for e-bikes and electronic devices.

The advantages of installing our ETRON electric bike charging station for municipalities, cities, tourist attractions, restaurants, and guesthouses are numerous:

If you aim to attract new tourists and enhance the attractiveness of your neighborhood, village, or city, consider installing a charging station for ETRON electric bikes. This will not only benefit electric cyclists but also appeal to tourists seeking convenient amenities.

With our charging station for electric bikes, cyclists can charge their bikes at any time, whether they're exploring your village, staying at a hotel, or visiting a guesthouse. The lockable space ensures that electric bike batteries and other electronic devices remain safe, prioritizing the security of your guests' belongings.

Our service solutions cater to both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing easy handling and control for operators. Additionally, our charging station offers fast and safe charging, ensuring that cyclists can quickly resume their journey with peace of mind.

By offering such amenities, you can distinguish your location as cyclist-friendly and attract visitors who prioritize convenience and safety during their travels.

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