Charging stations for e-bikes

The only charging station for electric bikes in the Czech Republic and Europe, which can safely charge up to 12 electric bikes at the same time!!!

What do you get by installing our charging station for e-bikes and other electronic devices?

Our charging station for e-bikes is not cheap plastic, but a quality Czech product made of galvanized sheet!!!

  1. Charging up to 12 e-bikes at the same time together with your mobile phones.
  2. Compatible charging system for the entire European Union.
  3. The unique possibility of recharging a mobile phone in a lockable space - mobile phones discharge very quickly due to the use of maps in the telephone device.
  4. Compatibility with the mobile application that determines the exact location of the charging station www.mapy.cz
  5. At any time possible changes of charging transformers without the need to buy a new charging station.
  6. Original charging transformer according to requirements, standard 2x UNI, 2x Bosh, or Shimano, etc.
  7. A great brand for its brand of 2.4 m2 area
  8. We will put you on mapy.cz for free

Advantages for municipalities, cities, tourist attractions, restaurants or guesthouses

Do you want to attract new tourists, make your neighborhood, village, city more attractive?

Get a charging station for ETRON electric bikes - you will offer a great service not only for electric cyclists, but also for tourists.

Thanks to our charging station for electric bikes, electric cyclists can charge their electric bike at any time when planning a trip around your village, hotel or guesthouse.

Due to the lockable space of the electric box, electric batteries, as well as mobile and other electronic devices, will always be SAFE.

And that is a priority!!!

Service solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Easy handling and control.

Fast and safe charging.

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