About Us

We are a purely Czech company built on years of experience in the field of electromobility. In 2019, we developed and patented a charging station for electric bikes and other electronic devices. We take pride in our innovation and enthusiasm for promoting sustainable mobility.

With our Etron electric bike charging station, charging is now easy wherever our stations are installed! Despite their compact size, electric bikes require periodic recharging of their batteries. With our electric bike charging station, you can conveniently charge your bike anywhere our stations are installed! And that's not all – thanks to our smart charging box, you can recharge not only your electric bike but also your mobile phone, camera, or laptop.

Our charging station is designed to charge up to 12 electric bikes simultaneously and has been tested by PRE, a.s. It also includes 12 USB charging ports for various devices (micro1, micro2, Apple) and is freely accessible. Bike racks are available for securing your electric bikes, and the charging station is accessible to the public 24 hours a day.


If you're heading out on a trip and worried about your battery running out, fear not. With our ETRON charging stations, you can recharge your battery stress-free and with ease wherever our boxes are installed. Simply arrive, plug in your charger, and go enjoy a coffee, lunch, or explore an interesting sightseeing spot. Everything is secured with a universal coin-return lock or a coded lock, so you can rest assured and relax while enjoying good food or a drink.

"Where can I find another charging station for my electric bike?" This question can be quickly answered. There are currently many free applications available that can help you find the nearest bike charging station. Some are located in restaurants, allowing you to combine them with a peaceful break. Public facilities also follow the E-bike trend and offer options for charging electric bike batteries.

Offering charging stations for electric bikes can be a significant advantage for municipalities, cities, tourist attractions, restaurants, and guesthouses for several reasons:

  1. Enhancement of Tourism: Providing electric bike charging options attracts tourists who wish to explore the surroundings on electric bikes. This can lead to an increase in tourism and boost income for local businesses.

  2. Support for Sustainable Mobility: Supplying charging stations for electric bikes promotes sustainable mobility and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This can be attractive to environmentally conscious tourists and enhances overall ecological responsibility.

  3. Increased Competitiveness of Businesses: Restaurants and guesthouses offering charging stations for electric bikes can gain a competitive edge by attracting more customers who use electric bikes.

  4. Development of Social Infrastructure: Providing charging stations for electric bikes contributes to the development of social infrastructure in towns and cities. It demonstrates care for the needs of modern travelers and enhances the attractiveness of the area.

  5. Opportunity for Partnerships: Collaborating with local businesses such as restaurants or guesthouses to install charging stations can lead to partnerships that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Overall, offering charging stations for electric bikes has the potential to enhance tourism, support sustainable mobility, and increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of local businesses and communities.



Vaše výhody

  • současné nabíjení až osmi elektrokol 
  • čtyři uzamykatelné úložné prostory (např. s kabelovým zámkem) pro baterie, nebo cyklistické přilby
  • navrženo pro nabíjení všech elektrokol
  • zabezpečeno proti vandalismu a chráněno proti korozi
  • navrženo pro nabíjení baterií v systému
  • využití pro vnitřní a venkovní prostor
  • čtyři samostatně uzamykatelné úložné prostory - každý se zásuvkami Schuko a nabíjecím zařízením USB
  • ochrana proti krádeži bezpečnostním zámkem válce